The Gears 5 Collector’s Edition, Jack Drone

Round out your squad with the Gears 5 Collector’s Edition Jack Drone. This Collector’s Edition comes with a fully functional drone, based on Jack from Gears 5, complete with functioning LED lights. The drone also has a Six Axis Gyroscope Flight System, which makes it perfect for both novice and advanced drone pilots!

This Collector’s Edition, available exclusively at GameStop features curated collectibles from the desk of Damon Baird, and DBi Industries. Featuring a Damon Baird ID Badge with detachable lanyard, DBi Embroidered Patch, original Jack schematic art print, and exclusive DBi Jack booklet, delving into the evolution of Damon Baird Industries, including fan favorite bots of the past and present.

This whole package is all wrapped up in a DBi drone crate Collector’s box - a perfect addition to your Gears 5 collection!

*Game disk and steelbook not included.

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