About New Wave Toys:

Since 2016, New Wave has been dedicated to licensing and recreating classic and culturally significant memorabilia in all forms – from arcade games to retro electronics, books, curios, and collectibles. Exclusivity, accuracy, and that all-important cool factor – it’s all there in the name. No matter the medium, New Wave has a way of embracing the future by preserving the best parts of what’s past; they spare no expense to deliver unparalleled quality and detail while capitalizing on their technological mastery to prime their products for modern relevance. A tight-knit team that first set out to make the items they wish they had growing up, New Wave understands nostalgia as more than an aesthetic, not cannibalizing but canonizing those most enduring tokens of our collective memory. Follow New Wave on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information, please visit newwavetoys.com.

Executive Team:

Shilo Prychak founded New Wave Toys with Peter Gould in 2016. The two met on the job over 15 years ago when they started on the same day at a videogame accessory manufacturer. New Wave Toys is the product of many conversations over the years finally come to fruition.

About RepliCade Amusements:

RepliCade Amusements™ is a collection of fully-playable, arcade-art masterpieces by New Wave Toys. Collect all your favorite classic arcade machines to recreate authentic arcade ambiance in your own home or office. These premium collectibles share all the features of the vintage, full-sized cabinet, but are recreated in 12-inch Playscale. 

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