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  • Arcade accurate 1:1 scale replica coin return button Keychain
  • Authentic diecast metal and plastic construction
  • LED illuminated coin return button
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Changeable battery



RepliCade Insert Coin keychains are constructed from a traditional blend of diecast metal and plastic. Push the coin return button to activate LED illumination for 30 seconds. This 1:1 scale arcade-accurate replica metal coin return key chain stands 2" tall and weighs in at a whopping 3.2 ozs.


Our Insert Coin Key Chain is made from heavy-duty diecast metal accurately recreating the original arcade machine coin doors found on many of your favorite machines. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is an arcade accurate 1:1 scale replica Coin Return button Keychain. It is made of diecast metal and plastic construction, just like in the arcade!

Instead of pushing to reject, you push to turn on the light!

It blinks like that because it is a gif (not jif). It is a solid light once it is pushed.

We thought of that by burning out multiple batteries. It will now shut off if left on for 30 seconds.

It is very easy to replace the battery (you only need to remove two screws). Also, it will not last forever.

You cannot insert the coin fully into the keychain. Where would it go?