Relive the heyday of 80s and 90s personal electronics with New Wave Toys™ latest product line, RepliTronics™. These old friends have been reimagined with new functionality and technology to bring a retro-cool aesthetic to your smart electronic ecosystem. In a world full of copycat electronics, RepliTronics stand out from the crowd without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Hotline Portable Power

Charge up with tasty retro style. The RepliTronics Hotline Portable Power solution re-invents the iconic portable cassette player as a 16,000-milliamp power brick ready to give life to anything with a USB power plug. The Hotline Portable Power solution features a Qi wireless charging dock for all your Qi-enabled devices and fidget-friendly control panel with satisfying, spring-loaded buttons recreated with the same care and precision as Replicade’s control panels.

Change Machine Power Station

Complete your play-scale arcade collection while providing power to all your Replicades. The RepliTronics Arcade Change Machine USB Power Station provides 12amps of output power across 6 USB outlets. The RepliTronics Arcade Change Machine USB Power Station features era authentic design elements like wood paneling with matching painted trim and is built in the same 1:6 scale as our Replicade machines.

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