Berzerk x RepliCade

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Berzerk x RepliCade is a fully playable 1/6 scale replica of the original upright Berzerk arcade machine originally released in arcades in 1980 by Stern Electronics.

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  • Replica Berzerk arcade machine in 1/6 scale (12inch)
  • Plays both Berzerk + Frenzy arcade ROMs
  • NEW! Board Drawer front access door with replica PCB prop inside illumination compartment
  • NEW! Metal Control Panel
  • Coin Op Feature: Insert mini coins to add credits
  • CRT-FX 2.0 with Reflection Reduction Tech
  • Arcade Operator’s menu with customizable dip switch and cabinet settings
  • Miniaturized control panel featuring Micro-Micro Switch 8-way joystick
  • Plug ‘n Play HDTV and USB controller connectivity
  • Hand crafted cabinet from traditional materials including wood, metal and plastic
  • Illuminated marquee and cabinet accents
  • RepliCade signature amplified mono audio reproduction with volume control and pad lock prop
  • High-resolution cabinet art reproduction
  • Replica Stern Diecast metal coin door with cash box storage compartment (plus ATARI sticker)
  • High score saving with non-volatile memory
  • Built-in, high-capacity rechargeable battery
  • Premium LCD color screen 4:3 aspect ratio (horizontal orientation)
  • Officially licensed by Atari
  • 100-Day New Wave Factory Warranty

    Included with purchase

    • One (1) Berzerk Replica Arcade Machine
    • One (1) Replica Oversized Joystick Top
    • One (1) Red Joystick Ball-Top
    • One (1) NEW! Metal Security Bar with Mini Pad Lock
    • One (1) NEW! Metal Kick Plate
    • One (1) Coin Collection Cash Box
    • One (1) Replica Berzerk Operator’s Manual
    • One (1) USB-C Charge Cable
    • Four (4) Mini Metal Coins
    • One (1) Faux Mini Power Cable

    ABOUT Berzerk x RepliCade

    Stern Electronics manufactured approximately 39,000 Berzerk upright cabs plus an estimated 1,000 cocktail tables thus making Berzerk one of the most successful arcade games of all time! Check out all the classic Stern upright cabinet details including the iconic Metal Control Panel and “Board Drawer” front of cab access door that opens to reveal a replica faux PCB prop inside an illuminated compartment!  A fully loaded accessory pack includes a replica of the Oversized Joystick Top from early production runs, plus NEW! Customizable options like Detachable Metal Security Bar with Mini Lock & Metal Kick Plate!


    We consider inserting a coin to register a credit as a big step towards achieving our goal of recreating the most authentic arcade accurate experience possible in RepliCade Amusements. The replica Stern metal coin door’s left Quarter slot accepts our mini coins for credits, plus we converted the coin return button to a press to add credits button.  We’re even including a Bonus coin collection Cash Box!


    Both cabs play the original 1980 Berzerk arcade game plus the 1982 sequel Frenzy.

    Berzerk was one of the first arcade games featuring speech synthesis of talking robots and the unforgettable “COIN DETECTED IN POCKET” that plays in attract mode. Berzerk is widely considered one of the greatest arcade video games of all time. Eugene Jarvis cited Berzerk as an influence for Robotron: 2084 & the PC game Castle Wolfenstein was also influenced by Berzerk.

    Berzerk & Frenzy are similar shooter style games with the primary objective to shoot as many robots as possible without being killed. Frenzy’s play mechanics are more sophisticated than Berzerk’s introducing different rooms, smarter robots, destructible walls for creating exits, and the ability to bounce shots off of solid walls. You can even shoot Evil Otto to make him disappear, but beware because he moves faster and faster every time he returns. The key thing to remember is never to stay in one room for too long. Doing so causes an additional Evil Otto to be released from a different direction.

    This project is dedicated to Alan McNeil RIP (1951 – 2017) designer and programmer of Berzerk & Frenzy.

    CRT-FX 2.0

    We refined our original CRT-FX lens with a reduced curvature plus added an anti-reflection surface coating to reduce distortion, glare & ambient light reflections.


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