1943 Mini Arcade Stick

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Limited Edition 1943 Mini Arcade Sticks available only while supplies last.

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  • Miniaturized arcade stick featuring microswitch bat-top joystick and microswitch action buttons
  • NEW! Coin-door buttons to add credits and access menu
  • High-resolution art printed with UV reactive ink
  • Limited edition New Wave exclusive
  • Officially licensed by Capcom

Included with purchase

  • One (1) 1943 Mini Arcade Stick
  • One (1) micro-USB cable


About the 1943 Mini Arcade Stick

The 1943 Mini Arcade Stick is a great way to play 1942 or 1943 authentically at 1/6th scale. The USB Mini Arcade Stick sits at a little more than an inch tall and 3 inches wide, weighing a little over 3 ounces. Grab an extra 1943 Mini Arcade Stick to hand to your buddy for two player action!

PlayScale Controls

Our custom-made controllers blend modern technology with classic control schemes to recreate arcade-accurate functionality at sixth scale size. 1943 Mini Arcade Stick has a bat-top microswitch joystick and real microswitch buttons. These controls provide an authentic arcade gaming experience while playing original arcade ROMs.





Frequently Asked Questions

These control the coin door options. The left button will add a credit (same as pressing the left coin door), while the right button will access the menu options (same as pressing the right coin door.)

This allows both players to have a 1943 Mini Arcade Stick, so no one can blame their loss on being on a different controller! Busted!